What Is Rusev’s Status With WWE?

One of the more interesting follows on social media if you’re a fan of WWE is the account for Rusev. Never shy about expressing his opinions and making a statement or two that gets people talking, he’s at it again with a tweet he put out on Friday.

This time, Rusev was responding to a rumor that he was taking time away from WWE.

After working Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, it was reported by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Bulgarian Brute had asked for some time off. Apparently, that is not true.

Saying, “You have been fed the wrong information, Dirt sheets.” Rusev seemed somewhat annoyed (as much as you can read emotion from a tweet of this nature).

So what exactly is his status with WWE?

Rusev has all but disappeared from WWE TV. He’s not been on the flagship shows recently, he’s not clearly a singles wrestler or a member of his tag team with Shinsuke Nakamura and he’s not even showing up to media events like the MTV Awards with his wife Lana. The most fans get to see or hear from him is on social media and it doesn’t look like WWE’s got any big plans for him.

That said, he’s probably not going anywhere.

In recent days, WWE has re-signed talent that are being used even less than Rusev. From Mike and Maria Kanellis to Mojo Rawley, Rusev is the type of character WWE has too much time invested in to let just leave or walk away.

WWE will keep letting him attend baseball games over showing up on WWE programming if it means not letting him show up on a competitor’s show.

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