What Does WWE Have Planned for Liv Morgan?

Liv Morgan told the announce crew of SmackDown Live, in no uncertain terms, she would be a different Liv Morgan when she returns.

After suffering a loss to Charlotte Flair on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, Morgan realized she wasn’t up to the task of competing with the best of the best and she was going to need to undergo a serious change.

How Morgan Discovered Something Needed Changing

SmackDown Live started off with a town hall segment that allowed WWE Superstars on the roster to air their grievances with Shane McMahon. Charlotte Flair chose instead to suck up to Shane and the McMahon family until Liv Morgan decided to call Charlotte out for being fake. While pointing at Charlotte, she asked, “Is there anything about you that’s real?”

Charlotte chirped back and suggested that was rich coming from someone with a blue tongue and that nobody would know who Morgan was if Kevin Owens hadn’t “belched her name” out during his epic promo on last week’s show. The exchange ended up seeing the two compete in a match later that evening.

Morgan lost the match and afterward, grabbed Corey Graves headset off his head. She said, “Charlotte’s right, and when I come back, I’m gonna be real.”

What Does The “Real” Liv Morgan Look Like?

If you’ve seen Morgan on any of the Watch Along episodes, she can be a bit much to handle. Constantly screaming and shrieking into the camera, if this is where WWE goes with her, it might be hard to get behind unless she’s meant to be a heel.

But, perhaps “real” isn’t actually Morgan being real, but simply being different.

WWE obviously has something planned for her but it will be interesting to see when exactly that change starts to show itself on WWE programming. Saying “when I come back” suggests she’ll be away from WWE for a while.

Morgan has hinted at playing on the words “SmackDown Liv” and maybe WWE is steering her ship in that direction.

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