What Does AEW’s New Trademark Filing Mean?

It appears the first real hints as to what AEW has planned for its tv programming has made itself known. As of June 18, 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) applied for the trademark “Wednesday Night Dynamite.” The hint here is that the new tv show will fall under the same name.

AEW will begin to premiere its weekly television show on TNT starting in the fall. While fans have been scooping up their PPV content, a weekly tv show is an entirely different animal and with a new name and possibly new night, it makes the fact they’ll be around every week all the more real.

TNT has been conducting market research to determine which would be the better day, so the company also filed for “Tuesday Night Dynamite.” If they go with Tuesday nights it may be because they figure the old SmackDown audience will have been used to watching wrestling on Tuesdays. Why ask them to switch their viewing habits other than to change the channel?

This may not be what the trademark is for and as news becomes available, we’ll continue to keep things updated.

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