WWE Asks: What Do You Want to See at WrestleMania 36?

WWE put out another edition of List This! and in it, they asked: what do fans want to see at next year’s WrestleMania event?

WrestleMania 35 is done and gone and while a historic event that included a Women’s main event, title changes and 16 matches, it might have nothing on what WWE his hinting at for next year’s show.

In the just over 3-minute video, ideas ranged from Roman Reigns squaring off against The Rock to MMA guys like Matt Riddle and Brock Lesnar meet in a wrestling ring. All we can say is, ‘Yes please.’ to both of those options.

In addition, WWE suggested John Cena might take on North American Champion Velveteen Dream, the Horsewomen of WWE would do battle with The Horsewomen of MMA and Finn Balor would finally get a Universal Title match after having been overlooked for so many years.

Will WWE actually follow through on all of these ideas? Probably not. But, it might be for a lack of trying. Velveteen Dream should be on his way to being a big player on WWE’s main roster and a match with Cena would certainly help. Cena being a fan, it would be a huge win for Dream. Ronda Rousey might not be back and if she is rumored to be slated for a one-on-one with Becky Lynch and who knows what the future holds for Brock Lesnar?

The question is, can WWE convince The Rock and John Cena to take time away from the hectic Hollywood schedules to be part of the biggest show WWE will offer in 2020? If not, most of this doesn’t matter.

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