What Did Bray Wyatt Just Tease On Social Media?

One of the matches many people are looking forward to seeing is the Bray Wyatt versus John Cena match, set to take place inside a Firefly Fun House. No one quite knows what to expect but rumors are WWE has gone a very different direction with the match, potentially going “Hollywood” with it and having shot it inside a made-over warehouse.

According to some reports, this match might reportedly get a “full blown movie treatment” and Wyatt recently posted a teaser photo that may hint at some sort of design idea for the match.

Wyatt uploaded a close-up shot of what looks like the cartoon of an angry beast. It’s hard to tell what exactly it is, but the hashtage #KultOfWindham in the caption was also very interesting.

For all anyone knows, it could be the design of a new shirt, or it could be a tattoo. Maybe it’s a piece of WrestleMania 36 merchandise that will be available on WWEShop.com. Some, however, are speculating it might be the design for a new mask or that it has something to do with how the match was filmed.

The idea here is that this could be a new mask with a new facial expression for “The Fiend”. Wyatt tagged tattoo artist Kyle Scarborough and Scarborough confirmed in an interview with FOX4 in 2019 that he worked with the two-time World Champion on the initial concept for “The Fiend”.

“He had an idea for a character he was still in the works of, I guess, pitching to WWE Creative, and he outlined his ideas and his concepts. From there I made a piece of concept art. It’s pretty much as simple as that.”

The timing of the tweet is certainly intriguing and while there’s no real way to know what the image is (because it’s so close up), it will have people guessing all the way up to WrestleMania on Saturday, assuming there’s not a development on Friday as John Cena answers the Fiend’s Firefly Fun House challenge.

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