Was Montez Ford Seriously Hurt During Raw?

For fans who watched Raw Monday Night, they saw what was a scary moment as Montez Ford took a nasty bump over the top rope. The hope is that he’s alright and his joking about it on Twitter is a sign he’s fine, but it looked nasty nonetheless.

The Raw Tag Team champion was part of a six-man tag match pitting Street Profits and Kevin Owens against Angel Garza, Austin Theory and Seth Rollins. The idea of the match was to push both The Street Profits and Garze with his new partner towards their WrestleMania 36 title match. Owens picked up the win with a Stunner, but the moment everyone is talking about is the backdrop that saw Ford land, with no cushioning, on his back outside the ring and partially on the ramp.

Ford took to Twitter to post a clip of former boxer Mike Tyson saying he broke his back after trying to dive into Austin off of the top rope. You could tell the series didn’t play out as everyone would have liked, starting with a miss on Ford by Rollins outside the ring and then when Austin Theory didn’t get under Ford to brace his fall in any way.

No doubt, it must have hurt and Theory took to Twitter later and warned that Montez Ford shouldn’t scream “WrestleMania!” twice and expect to be caught.

Hopefully this is all just fun banter and Ford is ok. Also, one has to wonder if Theory has a target on his back now after failing to protect a fellow WWE Superstar. It might not have been directly his fault, but stuff like that doesn’t tend to go over very well in WWE. It’s a bad look when you’re making your debut on Raw and something like that happens in your first match.

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