Vince Russo Suggests WWE and AEW Working Together

Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo is always good for an entertaining take or two. There aren’t a lot of people who listen to his opinion and take what he says as gospel; still, he’s worth the listen to anyway.

The latest Russo-ism is a doozie. With the recent success of AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view this past Saturday and some harsh criticism coming WWE’s way, Russo suggested there’s more here than two wrestling promotions competing with each other.

In fact, Russo thinks the opposite. He believes the two promotions are working together behind the scenes.

On Tuesday, Russo tweeted, “There’s no question that WWE and AEW are in bed together – NONE! Several things don’t add up. When you look at the entire picture it becomes evident. I’m going to invite the @CnsprcyHrsmn on the new “Truth with Consequences” to lay this all out. Bro—YOU’RE BEING WORKED.”

He later added that if they are working together, it’s best for the wrestling industry. This is the kind of thing that has happened before, he cited WWE and ECW as an example.

Vince Russo Is Probably Wrong

Of course, his Twitter feed was flooded with critics who called him out showing there was absolutely no proof of this AEW/WWE partnership nor would it make sense for there to be one. AEW has been grabbing former WWE talent and signing stars WWE would like to sign. There’s no logical reason WWE would let this happen and someone like Sami Zayn mentioning the promotion on WWE television isn’t enough to warrant the conspiracy theory.

So too, the insinuation here is that WWE is helping AEW as they helped ECW in the past. Ironically, AEW arguably has more money than WWE and certainly doesn’t need the assistance. There’s not much in the way of visible benefit for either company to be working together at this point.

The one thing Russo does know, is how to get attention. There will certainly be people tuning into his show to see just what he has to say, even if they know he’s full of sh-t.

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