Vince McMahon To Take Over NXT?

There are rumors running rampant on social media that Vince is about to put his grubby little hands all over the brand WWE fans (specifically NXT fans who like the in-house alternative to Raw and SmackDown) love. And, many of them specifically love NXT because Vince is seemingly not involved.

A brand run by Triple H, NXT is everything Raw and SmackDown Live are not. A central focus on in-ring action, the gold and black brand has become known for making stars and putting on five-star matches. The brand has become so popular, FOX wants to bring the show to FS1 in October and WWE wants to put NXT up against AEW on Wednesday nights.

With the move to cable, Dave Meltzer reports that Vince intends to step in and exert his influence on the show as it moves to a live show that lasts two hours.

How much Vince gets involved is unknown but fans are hoping it isn’t much. One has to also assume Triple H can’t love the idea that everything he’s worked so hard to build might be in jeopardy as the man stepping in is rumoured not to have a clue about the brand and it’s superstars.

Speculation is that Vince is at NXT Takeover: Toronto tonight and already working with Triple H on Saturday’s event backstage.

Our request to Vince is to come to NXT but come as a fan. Anything else will be a step down from the product we’ve come to love so much.

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