Does Vince Epitomize WWE Problems in 21st Century?

Written by: Guest author Jonathan Pearson

With the WWE product seemingly going downhill ever since the start of the “new era,” it’s worth asking if Vince is at the forefront of his own company’s downfall?

As noted recently, Raw and Smackdown have had both their respective shows log record-low viewers for the year with Raw plummeting to 2.158 million in the third hour and SmackDown reaching 1.833 million viewers and with this information we are led to speculate, ‘what is the issue?’ With a roster that includes three babyface champions paired with the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Finn Balor, it is evident it is not the superstars to blame. If anything, the overhaul of talent is the reason the ratings are not worse.

With this, we look at the man running the sinking ship; Vince McMahon.

With all the news surrounding him and his recent antics, we can legitimately speculate he is the issue. It has been noted that he rips up scripts on the nights of shows which not only ruins the hard work of writers backstage it accentuates the lack of preparation these shows have. This is becoming more and more evident as the weeks pass with the same matches being recycled and the same bad storylines being crammed into three long hours.

It’s also been made clear that Vince does not see the talent in many stars we the fans (the real authority) can see. One example is Luke Harper, who is the first of many performers the fans love and wish had the chance to show off what the indies got to soak in. But, with a stubborn leader, it means we will never get what we want as Vince believes he is talentless.

The same troubles can be mirrored onto The Revival, Jon Moxley and Mike Bennett to name a few — all of who have left or have requested to leave which shows the naivety of Vince to not give these talents the contracts they deserve to reflect their talent.

Will Vince Get Better or Worse?

Overall, it is evident Vince is leading his company into a seemingly expanding downhill road. And, with the likes of AEW coming into play, it will be interesting to see if the multi-million dollar man can finally book up his ideas and set his company straight. Can he make it the best company in professional wrestling or will his ignorance lead to an avoidable battle with the indies?

If Monday’s show is any indication and the Wild Card Rule is a long-term fix, Vince is not off to a good start.

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