Vince McMahon Reacts to Big Show’s New Netflix Show

Already a hit, WWE Superstar The Big Show is working his way up the Netflix charts with his new show The Big Show Show, in which he plays a retired WWE Superstar who struggles to be a dad and husband after his teenage daughter moves in with him, his wife and his two other daughters.

Show recently spoke with TMZ Sports about how well the show is doing and they asked about Vince’s reaction to it. Big Show laughed when he shared the context of a phone call he had with Vince after shooting on the show was wrapped. He notes:

“You know, Vince is very funny, very direct. When I wrapped for the season in November, I got a phone call [from McMahon], ‘how did it go?’ I said, ‘I think we have a hit boss, I think we have a good one.’

He then added that Vince was a man of few words. Show said:

“‘I never had any doubt, good job’ and that’s it. I’m glad you never had any doubts because I had a lot of doubts because I was terrified. His unshakeable confidence is inspiring.”

During the interview, Big Show also discussed WWE’s plan to keep moving forward with their live tapings and Raw and SmackDown broadcasts. He said:

“I think any way of escaping is good. Any way people can escape—whether it’s in a book, whether it’s on your favorite program on TV or streaming service, or breaking out your favorite board game at home. Whatever you can do to stay engaged and to be able to take your mind off everything going on.”

He noted that the WWE Performance Center is set up to minimize almost all the risk that anyone will get sick during this pandemic.

“The way our Performance Center is set up, the way it’s being shot, the way our company is taking this very seriously, and at the same time being able to provide some type of escape for our fans. To keep our fans engaged, I think it’s a win-win for everyone.”


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