Vince Told Triple H He Needed Him For WrestleMania Match

Triple, H, (aka The Game)… (Aka The Cerebral Assassin)… (aka WWE COO)… revealed that he was actually okay and settled in with the prospect of not competing at WrestleMania 35 this year. Ready to sit back and enjoy the show working merely as someone who was helping produce the event, he said, “I’m going to have an easy year this year, I just go watch the Hall of Fame and then I get to work behind the scenes at Mania.” That all changed when he was approached by Vince McMahon.

During a recent interview with ESPN, Triple H said, “Vince came to me and told me, ‘I need you to be in WrestleMania this year'”. This was right after he’d been told he would be inducted into the HOF as part of D-Generation X. Triple H proceeded to tell Mr. McMahon that he didn’t think he would be ready as he hadn’t even returned to training.

Triple H then got on his horse and began to rehab and train from a torn Pectoral muscle he suffered in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel. Five months later, he ensured this year wouldn’t be the first time in 12 years that he wasn’t on the card.

Now, Triple H is not only preparing to face Batista this Sunday, but he’s arguably one of the most anticipated matches on the card.

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