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Vince McMahon Details Reasons For Raw Ratings Drop

During his earnings investors call on Thursday Vince McMahon discussed a number of topics, including the drop in ratings for all three of his shows, Raw, SmackDown and NXT.

Noting that Raw has been hit hardest among the group of shows, Vince noted that having to push new stars and get fans to invest in them is a factor. He also suggested that a missing Brock Lesnar hasn’t helped matters.

The good news is, he’s confident ratings will bounce back. Noting WWE is still navigating the different atmosphere that comes with holding shows without an audience, everything WWE used to do was based on the audience. Now, they need be able to figure out ways to get creative. He notes that for fans, the different product also takes some getting used to. One example is the WWE Universe starting to hear wrestlers talking to each other, which is a new experience.

Vince did say a couple of times that SmackDown has been relatively unscathed when compared to the start of the year and that as new talents become popular with the fans, ratings should climb.

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