Vince McMahon Admits He Must Be “Out Of Touch”

There’s a good portion of the WWE Universe that believes Vince McMahon is out of touch with today’s wrestling audience. They’re probably right.

And, according to one former WWE Superstar, even Vince wonders that from time to time.

Matt Hardy was a guest on the most recent episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast and spoke about how he repeatedly tried to get the ear of Vince McMahon during his final run with WWE. Hardy described how hard he worked to explain the Broken Matt character to Vince but Vince never caught on to the idea. Even when McMahon agreed to put his Ultimate Deletion match on to close an episode of Raw in March of 2018, Vince was skeptical.

McMahon didn’t watch the match until just hours before it was going to air on the show.  When he finally did, with a room full of writers, many of whom applauded the production, Vince wasn’t convinced.

Hardy explained, “After it was over, it ended and everybody clapped and stood up, and he was kind of looking around and he told a couple of people, ‘I don’t get it, I just… I don’t get it.” Vince added, “If it does good, if it does a number, then I’m truly out of touch.’ I think he said that.”

It’s funny, because right about now, as WWE tapes episodes for Raw, SmackDown and matches for WrestleMania, he could use some of Hardy’s creative juices.

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