Undertaker Working On Entirely New Character?

There were previous reports the Undertaker’s new look at Raw this past Monday was a hint that the American Badass might be returning for WrestleMania. There was some uncertainty about whether or not WWE would follow through with the plan, but new reports suggest it might not matter.

What we mean by that, is that The American Badass might never have been in the cards.

A new report, as per Tom Colohue on Dropkick DiSKussions, mentions, “The Undertaker is leading into another run, shall we say. He has this particular way of doing things but he wants to have some longevity and maybe The Undertaker character isn’t right anymore.” He adds that the rumors of The American Badass returning aren’t accurate either because that was more an Attitude Era character that might not work today.

From there, Colohue suggests “It has been mentioned to me that we are going to see something different, something new we are not going to see a return to the old Undertaker.”

What Does All This Mean?

If these reports are accurate, it means The Undertaker won’t be The Deadman, the American Badass or Big Evil at WrestleMania this year, but might be a hybrid of the characters or something completely new.

He wants to make this last run last as long as possible and that means a new character to somewhat re-invent himself. What it will be may be among the bigger surprises over the next couple of weeks of Raw and during WrestleMania 36 weekend.

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