UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Wants To Join WWE, Who Is His Dream Opponent? [Video]

Chuck Liddell is throwing his hat into the names of former UFC stars that want to make a jump to WWE. Telling TMZ Sports that he’s now officially retired “for now” from the UFC, Liddell said, “Of course, I’d still do WWE or pro wrestling. It would be a lot of fun actually, I’d like that,” when asked about perhaps taking on the world of professional wrestling.

Liddell admitted that he’s not really kept up with the industry all that much and you could tell in the video he had trouble naming stars he’d like to face so he settled on The Rock as his dream opponent, even though he knew Dwayne Johnson wasn’t really an active part of WWE any longer.

There’s been confirmation that WWE has a mutual interest in Liddell but Liddell’s old rival Tito Ortiz was recently at the WWE Performance Center and Cain Velasquez was signed by WWE not long ago. Liddell getting involved isn’t out of the question.

The real question is, could he successfully make the jump? He’s got arguably the coolest nickname in the history of sports in The Iceman, so at least he’s got that going for him.

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