Triple H Says NXT UK PPV Was Not Booked Aug 31 To Combat AEW

When the NXT Takeover: Cardiff was announced as taking place on August 31, 2019 the immediate thought was that WWE and NXT did so to combat AEW’s announcement that All Out had booked that date.

But, during a media call to promote NXT Takeover: XXV, the man who runs the NXT brand wanted to squash any speculation right away.

“I will just say this, so that everybody in here, contrary to I’m sure the buzz, the date of August 31st is a date we have for a long time. That building was booked with us in Cardiff long before WrestleMania, I think, we just hadn’t announced because it was not the right time.

Triple H added that the PPV will run live in prime time in the UK and then be on in North America in the afternoon, so it’s really not competing with AEW anyway.

What Triple H hinted at was that AEW is not the real competition anyway but that the NXT UK brand has its own internal drive to be better than the original NXT brand. He said they want to put on a show and then say to NXT, ‘Follow that.’

Should We Believe Triple H?

The question is, will people believe Triple H? Probably not.

The reason is that it’s a lot less fun to assume he’s telling the truth and that WWE booking that date for the UK pay-per-view had nothing to do with AEW and that neither promotion likely had any idea the other was running a show on the same day.

No, it’s much more fun to assume WWE heard when AEW was on and said, ‘Oh ya? Well, let’s see how you do up against our NXT brand?’ That AEW has a tv deal with ITV in the UK is going to make it easy for people to find reasons to justify WWE trying to stick it to their new competition.

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