Triple H Comments On Reigns Missing WrestleMania 36

WWE has yet to publicly confirm that Roman Reigns will be missing this year’s WrestleMania, but it appears we’ve gotten the first “half-confirmation” from someone inside the WWE that things are different. Triple H was a guest and did a recent interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter. ESPN worded the match being nixed as “altered.” Triple H responded, essentially confirming that Reigns pulled himself from the card.

“You know, there are various talents, and I don’t wanna get into the specifics of WrestleMania because that’s a must-see event. We don’t like to take precautions with our talent, any more so than we need to, and all of our talents are in this in a voluntary capacity.”

He added that if any WWE Superstar doesn’t want to be there, for whatever reason, that it wouldn’t be held against them during this time. Such was the case with Reigns and a few other stars.

“If they don’t want to be a part of this, they feel there’s a risk, for whatever reasons, be it themselves or somebody around them, they don’t have to be here. Nothing is held against them for that, same with our crew and everybody else.

We don’t want to take chances on that. With Roman having a pre-existing condition, that would make him more susceptible to something, it’s understandable. We’ve had a few talent that had issues or chose not to be here but we are where we’re at.”

Speculation is that WWE filmed a replacement match and that this Friday on SmackDown, a storyline will detail all the changes to co-main event of the show.

We noted yesterday that there are questions as to how long Reigns will pull himself from competition as it’s really not safe for him to be anywhere near wrestling while there is a threat of this pandemic going on.

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