Tony Khan Says AEW Won’t Be Doing Intergender Wrestling

During a media scrum where AEW President Tony Khan addressed the press after the Fyter Fest PPV on Saturday, Khan answered a barrage of questions. Among them was what he thought about intergender wrestling. He says, fans probably won’t see it in AEW.

Using All In as a reference to explain his stance, Khan asked the media how many of them were at All In. All In was a show produced by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks before AEW was a realization. Khan was merely a fan at that show. He said there were two things he didn’t like about All In; the penis druids and when Jordynne Grace got hit in the face during the battle royal.

Not trying to call women wrestling men domestic abuse, Khan suggested there’s a fine line when you have women up against men and it’s a line he just doesn’t want to cross.

The Intergender Wrestling Debate

It’s an interesting question to ask because it’s quite relevant in wrestling these days. While WWE doesn’t do much of it, Impact Wrestling does it a lot as does the independent scene. It’s a way for some women to really stand out in an industry often dominated by men.

One of the best female talents in the world, Tessa Blanchard is currently working a program on Impact with Sami Callahan and based on what Khan is saying, AEW would never do this.

Yet, AEW did a lot of things on Saturday at Fyter Fest that were questionable, and while hiring a transgender wrestler is not questionable, it is a first in professional wrestling. AEW is the company who gave Nyla Rose an opportunity.

Some might say, having a transgender wrestler wrestle women versus a woman and a man in the ring for a match doesn’t offer a huge variation.

To Khan’s credit, he didn’t hide from the question and his explanation wasn’t scoffed at or disrespected. Intergender wrestling just isn’t something AEW will do. Period.

That’s ok, because if you watched the Triple Threat match at Fyter Fest between the women on Saturday, you know the women don’t need the men in a match to stand out. It was one of the better matches on the card.

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