Tony Khan Reacts To WWE Changing Aspect of Raw’s Production

One of the widely praised aspects of Raw on Monday was the fact that WWE switched up their camera angle. The new positioning of the hard cam and other camera footage throughout the show minimized the empty portions of the arena and while there were still no fans, made Raw feel a little bit more whole.

What’s interesting is the controversy that’s brewing because of the change.

All Elite Wrestling used a similar camera angle when they performed their empty-arena show and while fans were praising WWE, a few fans and insiders got a bit worked up because AEW wasn’t being given credit. Bryan Alvarez commented on this production change as he exclaimed: “THEY MOVED THE HARD CAM!”

AEW President Tony Khan saw the Alvarez tweet and replied with a meme from Spider-Man, more specifically, Willem Dafoe saying, “You know, I’m somewhat of a scientist myself.”

Former WWE and current AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts then got in on the fun and responded to Khan’s post with a GIF of his own, from the “you’re not worthy!” scene in the Wayne’s World movie.

Why this is such a big deal isn’t clear, but it was a smart decision to move the camera and change things up. It will benefit all fans who watch Raw, SmackDown and NXT leading into WrestleMania. It will certainly help make two nights of the pay-per-view much easier to watch without noticing how empty the building is.

Maybe this was Khan’s way of taking a bit of a shot back at people who constantly claim AEW is doing nothing more than hiring WWE’s unwanted talent. Or, maybe he’s just trolling fans and having a little fun.

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