Tony Khan Explains AEW’s Five-Year Plan

Recently, AEW President Tony Khan spoke with WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet in Jacksonville.

Speaking about everything from Double or Nothing to Dustin Rhodes and how fast the company is growing, he called AEW a blend of great performers and the greatest minds in wrestling. He added that because of their financial resources, it changes the game.

Khan said when his dad first invested, he didn’t really know what he was investing in. Now that the buzz is out there, he says his father is even more excited and that he’s often asked about the wrestling promotion he owns. Khan said that the amount of interest that’s been generated is because they have the best performers and that’s what will set them apart. “We have people that are the best at their style, best at their size,… there hasn’t been a roster of this caliber with the financial resources ever.”

When asked if there are comparisons that can be made to WCW, he responded that he doesn’t want to compare them to any other wrestling company. That said, he did offer up that wrestling fans will now be able to watch a good alternative with major exposure and great production value. Still, they will have some major differences.

Where AEW Will Be in Five Years

He added that the five-year plan is to build a brand, build up the roster, establish themselves as a top brand in wrestling for fans who want fast-paced wrestling that is more of a sporting-based product where wins and losses matter. “Across our matches, you’ll see a different presentation than you’ve ever seen before.”

The programming will be advertiser-friendly but push the envelope at times. He believes they can offer fans more engagement with what’s happening in the ring than has ever been done, allow fans to access the history of their performers and there will be a ton of really exciting elements to their product. In many ways, it will be similar to what fans can experience when they watch UFC and boxing.

Khan said that while he loves he gets to work in wrestling and the industry, he’s doing what he’s doing because he believes AEW will be a huge company. “With the resources we have, there’s no reason it won’t be.”

Five years from now, he’s hoping AEW championships will be the most prestigious in the world.

And for those wondering, he has no plans to put himself on the television screen as a character.

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