Tommy Dreamer Defends Vince McMahon and WWE Over Releases

Former ECW and WWE star Tommy Dreamer posted a video and weighing on the big news from Wednesday as WWE released around 30 on-air talent or backstage staff. Unlike a lot of people who are suggesting this was something Vince didn’t need to do, Dreamer is defending WWE and telling fans they can’t get mad at Vince, WWE or the industry as this just business in a world that has increasingly changed in a short period of time.

Dreamer noted that he talked to a lot of the stars who were released yesterday and many of them said they’d be ok. He talked about the hope that they’ll bounce back after three months (90 days in which they’ll likely be paid by WWE) and that everyone remembers, this is the way of the world right now.

“We have to take one day at a time,” Dreamer said (h/t to Himanshu D. for the transcription). “There’s life after WWE. For some people, they may get hired back, for other people they may not. You got some television time, you got recognition or hey guess what, if you feel you weren’t used to potential, great. It happens to everybody,” he explained.

Dreamer noted that the pay most of these wrestlers will receive will take them to July and that, “I feel personally that wrestling shows and all that stuff won’t happened till like October – November so we could all get back on our feet.” and he seemed to hint that’s not that long to be out of work and almost everyone that was let go is better off for having worked in WWE.

Fans have been all over WWE for the past 24 hours over the releases but Dreamer says that’s not entirely a fair thing to do. Even in his little company, he’s seen the hardships of the financial crisis facing the world and just imagine the type of money WWE lost from WrestleMania this year. “You can’t hate the WWE,” Dreamer added:

“You can’t hate Vince McMahon. That is business and it’s big business. I saw it in my little, little ass company and I see it from WWE all the way down and I use this example for everyone who goes, ‘Oh, they should stop live television, they should stop doing this, they should stop doing that,’ think of the financial hit WWE took with the loss of WrestleMania from merchandise, live gate, all that stuff.

Dreamer used the same example he used when on Busted Open Radio earlier this week to explain why WWE is moving forward with shows. “If you paid somebody to paint your house and you have a contract that says, ‘I need you to paint my house’ and you pay that person, or you pay that person half their money and they only paint the front side of the house and they say, ‘Well, I can’t get workers to come to your house’, would you want to pay them the full amount of money to paint your house? They didn’t finish the job.” This is situation for WWE as it pertains to their relationship with FOX and NBCUniversal. They ultimately have to more forward or risk losing millions upon millions of dollars.

It’s just business Dreamer noted. It’s not ideal, but it’s just business.

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