Three Storyline Swerves WWE Could Offer During WrestleMania 36

While the show has been pre-recorded and spoilers are being kept closely to the vest, there are a few storylines that have the potential to take a sideways turn.

Whether they happen on Saturday night or Sunday night, a few matches have the potential to offer up surprises that few fans were expecting. Sure, there won’t be a live crowd to eat up the dramatics of the potential drama but WWE has to want to give fans at home something worth talking about.

Here are a few of our picks:

Drew Gulak Turns on Daniel Bryan

So far, the partnership that is Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan has been quite entertaining. That said, one has to expect these two will again meet in the ring as foes. The question will be how soon WWE wants to make that switch or if they’ll push Bryan and Gulak as a team for some time.

We shouldn’t put it past Sami Zayn to do something sneaky. Seizing the opportunity presented by Gulak, who may turn on Bryan makes a lot of sense. He keeps the title while Bryan goes on to seek revenge on his “teacher”.

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Sasha Banks Steals Title From Bayley

Rumors were that WWE wanted this Fatal-Five Way Match to originally be Banks vs. Bayley but they didn’t have time to build the feud properly. This may be why half of the competitors in this match feel like they were simply thrown in at the last moment.

Banks may not win the belt, but at some point, she may turn on Bayley. Whether that be as a babyface because Bayley is taking advantge of their friendship or as a heel who steals the title from the champion who has a handful of ways she can lose the title in a match like this.

WWE is working towards Bayley and Banks being rivals. That could start Saturday or Sunday.

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Goldberg Wins in a Squash

That WWE decided not to even acknowledge that Roman Reigns needed to pull out of the show and simply showed a graphic of Braun Strowman now being Goldberg’s opponent, perhaps WWE sees this as an opportunity to prolong Goldberg’s run as champion.

Goldberg vs Braun Strowman WrestleMania 36
Goldberg vs Braun Strowman WrestleMania 36

If so, it would make sense that Strowman would lose in decisive fashion.

A talent WWE doesn’t seem to be high on these days, many fans might feel Strowman wins the belt this weekend. What if WWE goes the other way? What if they feel Goldberg is still extremely popular and the best decision would be a couple of spears and a jackhammer?

Triple H said WWE was going to remove Reigns in a very unique fashion. That didn’t take place on SmackDown. What if something is coming for WrestleMania?

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