Three Matches For Tonight’s WrestleMania Card Potentially Confirmed

It looks like, slowly, the matches that will take place on each night are starting to become public.

WWE hasn’t revealed the match order or the night’s that each match will take place but some of the Superstars are starting to share comments hinting that their matches will take place tonight.

Sami Zayn revealed on his twitter account his match with Daniel Bryan will air tonight. Zayn responded to a tweet from a father who showed a video of his three granddaughters jumping on the couch, ready to cheer on their favorite star in Daniel Bryan. Zayn, who is scheduled to defend the the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Bryan wrote a response to to Rick Pitino’s post. He said, “At least three sweet little angels are going to be severely disappointed tonight – SZ”

Kevin Owens also stated on RAW that his match with Seth Rollins will air during night one and there were already rumors that the Raw Women’s Title match between Becky Lynch suggested her match with Shayna Baszler for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship will also air during night one as well.

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