The Shield Reunite One Final Time After Raw Goes Off Air

By now, most fans know that Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE, and has decided not to renew his contract with the company. Ambrose will be moving on to other opportunities and while Ambrose wasn’t part of WrestleMania, he did show up on Raw for one last match with the company.

During this segment on the show, he was attacked by Bobby Lashley. But what was more interesting was what happened with Ambrose after the cameras stopped broadcasting to live television.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins called Ambrose back out the ring and all three members of The Shield stood together as Ambrose gave an impassioned speech to the live crowd. After talking about The Shield doing their thing at the Barclays Center over the years, Ambrose said, a building is only a building and it’s the fans who make it special. The fans returned the adoration by chanting “thank you Dean.”

All three members posed as The Hounds Of Justice once more and gave The Shield salute before finally leaving the arena. It was a great way to end a special episode of Raw.

This Seals Ambrose’s Future

If anything, this has to signal the end of Ambrose’s stay in WWE. There were many questions from fans suggesting this was all a ploy or elaborate storyline by WWE and that Amrbose wasn’t leaving. But, when the company sends these kinds of goodbyes to fans off camera, it becomes clearer and clearer he is actually on his way out.

Will it be forever? Probably not. But, if The Shield is saying goodbye and those goodbyes aren’t done for a tv-viewing audience, it’s on purpose.

It’s got be hard for fans to know they are watching one of the most dominant factions in the world end their run. When reality sets in that this is not a storyline and there will be no Shield reunion next week, it may finally sink in.

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