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The Rock Sends Special Message to Triple H For 25 Years

While a guest on WWE’s The Bump, The Rock sent a touching video message to Triple H. WWE will start celebrating Triple H’s 25 years in WWE this Friday on SmackDown, likely re-visiting a number of his top matches, many of which would have been against The Rock.

Talking about his accomplishments in and out of the ring, The Rock said o their matches:

“You know, I always talk about the matches that I’ve had with Stone Cold, that you’ve had with Stone Cold, and that you’ve had with Mick Foley, and I’ve had with Mick Foley, The Undertaker… you name it, but there’s only one man who I’ve gone around this world with and wrestled consistently with so many times, and put on just incredible matches, and that’s you.

On his career in WWE and his imprint on the wrestling industry:

And I thank you, I love you, congratulations, man, on just an amazing career, but also to, not only an amazing 25 years, but also not only in the ring, but what you’ve done outside of the ring, too, has been unparalleled. You can’t compare it because nobody else has done it, and what you’re doing with NXT, what you’re doing with the company itself, and what you’re doing to make sure the fans go home happy, because it’s in your blood, it’s in your DNA, it’s as if you were born into the business, and in some other lifetime you were. This is why we’re kindred spirits. Congratulations on such an amazing 25 years. I look forward to the next 25 years. Thank you for being a friend, thank you for being a brother. Again, I love you, man. Happy 25th. Amazing, amazing. Love you brother.”

Triple H noted that he appreciated the video but wondered why The Rock still looks the same and Triple H looks like a wrinkled up old grandpa. He didn’t think that was fair. “I’m all wrinkled and grey, and stuff, and he looks exactly the same as he did when I wrestled him in The Garden when he walked in the door.”

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