The Revival’s Rumored New Ring Names Post-WWE Revealed

WWE announced a couple of days ago that The Revival had been released from their WWE contracts, effective immediately. The often disgruntled but very well-respected duo that consisted of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, will now be free to sign with another wrestling promotion. Most people assume that will be AEW.

Initial reports were that Wilder’s contract was expected to be extended until mid-June due to missed time from previous injuries, but WWE has decided to release them now, likely because AEW has finished taping a series of shows that will last until late May and with the COVID-19 virus overshadowing everything in wrestling, the releases might go relatively unnoticed.

Media outlets have been covering the news and wrestlers have weighed in on the notion that the team formerly known as the Revival might jump ship. But, what will they be called?

The tag team is not under a 90-day no compete clause, so they could show up anytime AEW has an opportunity to fit them in. And, considering many of the talents in that company shoot their own footage, send it in and that footage gets aired on television, the team simply needs to sign papers, come up with a new name and run with it. It sounds like the new name part is already taken care of.

Wilder filed to trademark the name “Cash Wheeler” last month. This was among other trademarks he filed for which include, No Flips, Just Fists; Say Yeah; Top Guys, Shatter Machine; #FTRKO; #FTR. He then changed his name to Cash Wheeler on his Twitter page, so most assume he’s going to be known by that name going forward.

Meanwhile, Dawson also did some trademark filing, many of which include the above mentioned names. However, his Twitter now reads Dax Harwood.

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