The Revival Offered Lucrative Multi-Year Deals With WWE is reporting that WWE has offered The Revival some top guy-type money to stick around in WWE.

Fightul Select is citing sources confirming Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of the Revival were both offered five-year, $500,000 per year deals that have yet to be accepted. Rumors started that a deal like this might be in the works when Jim Ross alluded to it on a recent episode of his podcast.

It’s no secret that Dawson and Wilder haven’t been terribly happy with their spot in WWE. Even as the tag team champions of Raw, there were rumors they wanted their releases but were asked to ride things out and see how they felt a few weeks later. They were then booked to lose the tag team titles at WrestleMania.

Just two of the many stars rumored to want out of WWE, speculation is they are looking to jump to AEW and these multi-year deals are a way to have them second-guess that decision. It doesn’t appear like that will happen. That said, reports are the team was set for a meeting with the company Monday afternoon and that things, including the offer, could change.

Will The Revival Accept?

Will The Revival jump from WWE to AEW? A five-year deal is nothing to sneeze at but it seems as though the duo figures they can either get more money or be happier elsewhere.

This could be a sign that exits from WWE are not close to slowing down. The company has lost a number of writers, there are talents that want to depart all over the place and while many can’t get their releases, if this team jumps when the opportunity becomes available, expect others to do the same.

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