The Miz, Ricochet and War Raiders Get Drafted To Raw?

To start Raw, the red brand got a number of big additions to Monday nights.

As Shane McMahon was in the ring taunting The Miz and bragging about his win at WrestleMania 35, The Miz’s music hit and The A-Lister hit the ring to attack Shane. It wasn’t officially announced over the loudspeaker that Miz was part of Raw, but Michael Cole later confirmed the news.

The Miz was the first draft pick for the red brand.

This now makes Miz the one superstar to move on every Superstar Shake-up as he’s switched brands each time WWE has offer the roster juggling.

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It didn’t take much more than a few minutes before Cole announced other names as Ricochet and Aleister Black came to the ring for a match. Cole asked in both cases if these two were now officially part of Raw and it appears that way as WWE’s social media account seemed to verify as much.

After that, the War Raiders made their way into the arena, but they weren’t the War Raiders any longer, they are now known as the Viking Experience and they’re acting as heels. They teamed with The Revival to take on Ricochet, Black and Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder who all appear to be staying put.

We can’t say we love the new name, but the fact the former NXT tag champs are now on the main roster now is a huge news update. What that means for the NXT Tag Team Championships is unknown. First thought would be that there will be a tournament to crown new title holders if the team doesn’t go back to drop the belts.

So far, WWE hasn’t confirmed whether or not people showing up means they are now a part of the Monday night roster. It seems only The Miz has been officially announced.

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