The Fiend to Attack Steve Austin Monday Night on Raw?

If you read between the lines of a Bray Wyatt tweet, you can often uncover some pretty critical information about the future direction of his character. If you add to that a tweet from Randy Orton, referencing the Wyatt tweet and something interesting about it, you might have gold on your hands.

On Sunday, Bray Wyatt uploaded an interesting post on Twitter where he referenced a quote from, of all people, Sister Abigail. As one might expect, Orton was taken aback considering he figured he’d destroyed the Sister Abigail character during a long and ugly feud with Wyatt where a barn, believed to hold Sister Abigail was burned down. As part of that war, Orton destroyed Wyatt’s barn in a House of Horrors Match. When the barn went down, it was believed that Sister Abigail went down with it.

Orton responded to Wyatt’s tweet by saying:

“Wait…..wasn’t sister Abby in that barn of yours I burnt down??? You mean to tell me we put ourselves and the entire world through a house of horrors match and she’s still around?”

But, what might be even more interesting is Wyatt’s references to rattlesnakes.

The Fiend to Attack on Monday?

Considering Steve Austin is coming to Raw this Monday and acting as a guest moderator on Monday’s Raw, does Wyatt have a surprise planned? Austin will be showing up to ensure the contract is signed between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman. Coincidentally, Wyatt is challenging the winner of that match at Hell in a Cell. This has to mean The Fiend is targeting the Texas Rattlesnake, no?

Monday’s Raw just became must-watch with a few little tweets. And, if Raw has a segment planned where Wyatt attacks Steve Austin, this might be the biggest moment of The Fiend’s career to date.

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