The Fiend Defeats John Cena In Trippy Fun House Match

If watching the Boneyard Match on night one was supposed to give fans an idea as to what they could expect for the Firefly Fun House Match, it was not a good guideline by which to follow.

Other than the fact WWE went a bit more “Hollywood” with the production, this Firefly Fun House Match was a less a match and more a trippy trip down memory lane. The Fiend forced Cena to enter his Fun House, which essentially was a re-imagining of Cena’s best and worst moments.

Cena re-debuted against Kurt Angle but couldn’t rise to the occasion. He wound back at Saturday Night’s Main Event, somehow joined the NWO and played the Doctor of Thuganomics who no one liked. He couldn’t seem to find his way or get control in The Fiend’s total mind-bender of a bout and in the end, fell to Wyatt, who, ironically, also played the referee.

Reactions to the match were mixed. Some called it the worst thing WWE had ever put together, others the best. It was certainly unique.

With the match, fans have likely seen the last of Cena for some time and hopefully, another push is coming for The Fiend, who many thought got the short end of the stick when he was defeated by Goldberg and lost his Universal Championship. But, should WWE not be able to film portions of SmackDown this week, it could be some time before the WWE Universe gets to see where the company takes all this.

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