The “Brock Party” Shirt Has Arrived!

Not always, but usually, WWE knows a good thing when they see it. Brock Lesnar’s recently popularity online rockin’ out with a boombox Money in the Bank briefcase has to qualify.

In an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Brock Lesnar’s accidental viral hit, WWE has given Lesnar a new shirt sure to please a few fans. This one has the potential to be more popular than his last big shirt, “Suplex City”.

On last week’s Raw, Lesnar showed up as the new holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase. He walked to the ring listening to it like a boombox and then strutted around the ring doing the same. That image went viral online within minutes and became one of the talking points for wrestling fans all week.

WWE noticed and did something about it.

With the popularity of that image a new “Brock Party” shirt is now available on With Lesnar set to appear on Raw tonight, they’ll be plenty of those shirts in the crowd as he announces who he’ll cash the briefcase in on.

AEW Isn’t the Only T-Shirt Company in Town

Now looked at a real threat to WWE, before their most recent pay-per-view, AEW was not much more than a t-shirt company. Still, they were able to parlay that success into a huge brand set to change the wrestling world. Clearly, WWE knows the value of merchandising and they’re hoping this new Lesnar t-shirt is a real winner.

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