The Boss Is Back! Sasha Banks Returns to WWE on Raw

Looking at bit different and certainly showing up with a new attitude, Sasha Banks returned to WWE on Monday night. She attacked Natalya and fought with Becky Lynch to make a statement after months away. In no uncertain terms, The Boss is back.

With a return rumored to be imminent, Banks didn’t show up at SummerSlam despite the thought she might. We noted earlier in a video through the Sportster that we believed Banks might make an appearance at Raw but her return was still a surprise.

Natalya was the catalyst to a heel Banks return. After losing a hard-fought match against Becky Lynch at Sunday’s SummerSlam, Natalya also reminded fans that her father, Jim Neidhart, had passed one year ago today.

Banks came out, looked as though she was going to console her friend and instead attacked her from behind after faking like she wanted a microphone from ringside.

Banks attacked Natalya mercilessly. Making a statement that she was not the same Banks who left WWE, it didn’t appear the beatdown would end until Becky Lynch came to the ring in an attempt to make the save. Without hesitation, Banks went straight for Lynch and the two began to battle until Banks got the upper hand, delivering chair shot after chair shot. Banks left the arena and everyone who wasn’t stunned was chanting her name throughout the building.

The Boss Is Back!

Announcer Corey Graves made sure to note this wasn’t the friendly Banks who was back. Calling her selfish and a despicable human being, fellow announcer Michael Cole acted like he was shocked.

But, was anyone really? The shock might be that many WWE fans really never thought Banks would be back at all. Now that she is, it appears she’s taking on the character everyone loved so much.

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