The Bellas Coming Back to WWE, Already?

In their first episode of the Bellas Podcast, the sisters have already given reason to believe their “retirement” from in-ring competition is merely just a publicity stunt to promote their new show.

Saying they were stepping away from the WWE, one fan asked what they thought about the fact Women’s Tag Team titles were introduced and they answered that question saying they stepped away from WWE before they realized those titles were going to be a thing.

Calling themselves the longest reigning, most authentic tag team in the company, they believe they have a shot at the belts and would consider a return to compete for them. Using the popular “never say never” phrase that has become so synonymous with WWE returns, the two concluded the topic saying that she would love to take on the current champions Sasha Banks and Bayley.

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Could this mean a return soon for the titles? WrestleMania and the Monday that follows is often a great time to superstars to make a comeback. While it might seem a bit early to do so after just retiring, there’s perhaps no better time for the Bellas with a new podcast they want to promote and other projects in the works.

Considering the WWE doesn’t seem to have a ton of worthy female duos to take on the current champs, perhaps it’s not that bad an idea either.

You can hear the entire episode of the podcast by clicking here. This is the first and only episode of the show to date.

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