Taz and Brian Cage FTW Title

Taz Declares Brian Cage the New FTW Champion

Apparently, Brian Cage is the new FTW Champion! Even stranger, he’s the new FTW in AEW…

For fans that aren’t familiar with it, the FTW Championship is a belt Taz carried when he was part of ECW. Known as the FTW (F-ck The World) Heavyweight Championship the title was never officially recognized or sanctioned by ECW, but Paul Heyman gave the title to Taz when he couldn’t compete for the ECW Title. Taz made it special with his “bad-ass, no-nonsense” attitude.

He came out on Dynamite Wednesday night and refused to let his client go into Fight for the Fallen without a title. Noting that Jon Moxley was fearing losing his title to Cage and should have lost it tonight, Taz said the being crowned the FTW Champion made Cage the baddest “son of a b-tch in wrestling”.

There was no indication if this title would be an officially sanctioned title by AEW or if it would be added to their collection of titles that could be defended. We’ll have more news as it becomes available.

Taz Comments After Crowning His Client

Shortly after their segment on Dynamite, Taz took to Twitter and wrote:

Hopefully some of you guys learned a lesson tonight. Don’t “assume” everyone reads these silly ass spoilers because MOST fans don’t read them. And more importantly just because it’s not in the “spoilers” u read online doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

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