[Spoiler] Possible Team Heading to Raw Tonight For Superstar-Shake-up

While there’s no way to really confirm it, a reliable source in @Wrestlevotes in saying that in losing the tag titles to the Hardy Boyz, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso will be moved to the RAW brand in tonight’s WWE Superstar Shake-up.

This gives a little insight into how the company will treat tag teams in that it’s not a given that duos will be split up, while it is possible some teams could be. Basically, if WWE wants to keep the Usos together, they’ll stay a team as they are drafted. If they want to split up the bar, one of Cesaro or Sheamus could move.

If we get more information as to names that might show up on tonight’s Raw, we’ll let you know. We’ve got one of our writers on site tonight in Montreal to keep everyone posted as Raw airs live.

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