Sure Shane, Just Give Someone The WWE Tag Titles

WWE is promoting that this Tuesday, Shane McMahon will simply “crown” new SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions.

Maybe there’s an actual match. Maybe there’s a tournament of some kind. Maybe he creates the illusion of a match only to set up a way for him and his own partner to steal the titles… whatever it is, it sounds a lot like WWE is writing another storyline that makes little to no sense.

Shane McMahon is a character on tv. One that is currently feuding with two different WWE Superstars in Roman Reigns and The Miz. He shouldn’t be in a position of power to simply “crown” new title holders.

It’s possible that the social media update WWE put out promoting this idea wasn’t worded very well. Then again, the article that goes with it on does nothing to squash rumors he’s just going to pick someone and say ‘here you go.’

What makes matters worse is that WWE almost all but depleted their tag roster on the blue brand and the choices are limited. New Day? Well, one half of that team holds the WWE Championship. Finn Balor and Ali? One-half holds the Intercontinental Title. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev? Heavy Machinery?… the B-Team?

This Is Getting Ugly for WWE

This isn’t a pretty situation and it speaks heavily as to why the ratings are in the toilet for WWE lately. Throwing things and hoping one sticks to the wall is a bad way to write a wrestling show. If Shane actually comes out and just hands the belts over… or worse, he gives them to himself and Elias?

WWE really is in scramble mode and this isn’t going to help. At the very best, this idea gives the WWE Universe more of a reason to wonder if WWE even has a clue anymore?

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