Sting Says He’d Wrestle One More Match For Right Price

Sting announced his retirement from WWE and professional wrestling at the Hall of Fame. It sounds like he might be changing his mind.

Currently a part of the Starrcast II week leading into AEW’s Double or Nothing, Sting answered questions from fans and at one point said, The Stinger would come back for one more match, but it would have to be for “the right price.”

What was thought to be career-ending injury suffered in a match with Seth Rollins may not rule Sting out from competing once more. If the money was right and the opponent was ideal, it sounds like he’d get himself ready for one more kick at the can.

Who that opponent would be is unclear but many speculate The Undertaker would be the first up for consideration. Second, Sting seemed to hint that he’d love to work a program with Bray Wyatt.


This is, of course, assuming that return would be with WWE.

People probably shouldn’t rule out the idea that AEW would be willing to offer that kind of money that could make Sting reconsider his retirement. That said, if making a bet on it, assume WWE, either for a big pay-per-view or a trip to Saudi Arabia.

This development is pretty amazing when you think about the fact WWE fans missed out on what could have been some iconic matchups for Sting. If he’s able to give even one more match with one of the dream opponents, whether it’s a five-star match or not, fans would love to see him back in the ring.

*Author’s Note: I’m not sure which match I’d rather see. At first, the obvious answer would have been The Undertaker. But, a Bray Wyatt match with his new gimmick sounds intriguing.

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