Steve Austin to Wrestle One More Match?

What are the odds of Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling one more match in WWE? That was a question Austin tried to give a bit of an answer to during a recent episode of his podcast. Austin said he’s not ignorant to the risks of trying to step back into the ring but he’ figures he’s in good enough shape to wrestle one more match, should he choose.

There’s no doubt Austin is still one of the most popular WWE Superstars past or present and spanning over any era. One need look no further than his most recent appearances on WWE television where the sound of his breaking-glass entrance music sent the crowd into a frenzy. He delivered one of the best promos of the year, off the cuff, to close the Raw Reunion show and fans hung on every word. But does that popularity equate being a good idea to wrestle again?

On Tuesday’s edition of The Steve Austin Show on PodcastOne, Austin said the questions of a return never seem to go away. And, the more he shows up and is actively involved in the action, (he recently took a Stunner from Becky Lynch) the more he gets asked. While at the Raw Reunion show, when asked about returning by fellow WWE Superstars, he surprised a few people who figured that shipped had sailed.

Austin said, “…people always ask me, ‘Hey man, you’re still in really good shape. You got one more match left in you?’ And I tell them, ‘Man.’ I say, ‘You know, it’s a tough thing to think about.'”

But, he has been thinking about it.

Austin has had a number of surgeries related to his spinal stenosis and bone spur issues. That’s not escaped his mind. But, he says his nerves feel good and he’s closer than he’s ever been to stepping back inside the squared circle. “So, you know, in theory, could I have a match? In theory, yes,” Stone Cold said.

Is it Worth It For Austin?

Of course, fans will be mixed on the idea. It isn’t that they’d not want to see a match but it shouldn’t come at the risk of further damage. If he steps into the ring, it would have to be against one of the safest workers in the company. That distinction might belong to a wrestler like Dolph Ziggler or AJ Styles.

If Austin did come back, who would you like to see him face?

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