Stephanie McMahon Talks WWE Approach To Producing WrestleMania 36

There have been a number of WrestleMania-related interviews hitting the wire over the last 24-48 hours. Part of that is WWE trying to create promotional buzz for the event which will be available to fans on pay-per-view. The other reason is likely to answer questions about why WWE went ahead and produced the show, one that won’t look anything like what fans are used to.

In an interview with, Stephanie McMahon commented on the event, how WWE proceeded in deciding to forge ahead and what fans can expect. She explained, liek Triple H did in his interview with ESPN, “We all have been day-to-day really looking at all of this.” She also added that this was a time in which WWE realized they needed to re-invent themselves.

Still, what stayed important to WWE while figuring out how to navigate and unprecedented time was staying true to their mission. “And our mission is to put smiles on people’s faces. We’re a fan-first company, we always want to provide an experience that is worthy of our fans’ passion.”

She said they looked at what other leagues and providers are doing, and are assessing the landscape. Can the make the show while keeping people safe? Where can we shoot the content? How would it look?

Having talked before about all the safety precautions WWE has taken and how they’re working with local, regional, and global agencies, she said, “we’re putting in the best possible testing measures that we can [and] all of the safety precautions that we’re taking to take this very seriously.”

This isn’t something WWE is taking lightly either. She explains:

“This is not something where we’re just being bullheaded and moving forward. This is a concerted, very thought-through effort to entertain our fans with our biggest show of the year. It won’t feel and look like our biggest show of the year, but certainly from a content standpoint and a match standpoint, we’re trying to deliver.”

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