[Spoiler] Big NXT Tag Title Development

If you want to know the story behind what WWE is about to do with the NXT Tag Championships currently held by the Viking Raiders, keep reading. If you don’t… stop here. The next few paragraphs will spoil everything about what’s coming up for NXT and the Tag Title scene.


Fans were wondering what would happen with the NXT Tag Titles after the War Raiders were called up to the main roster and their named was changed to the Viking Experience Viking Raiders. The recent NXT tapings give us our answer.

The NXT tapings started with an in-ring promo with The Viking Raiders and William Regal. The Viking Raiders came out and said no one could beat them, so they are relinquishing the NXT Tag Team Titles. Before they could leave, out come the Street Profits. It’s announced that The Viking Raiders will defend the Tag Titles against the Street Profits later that night.

What Happen in the Match

The match takes place but instead of a clean win by one team, The Forgotten Sons come out and cause a disqualification. In the melee, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch come out to brawl too.

There is no changing of the titles but The Viking Raiders salute the crowd, take a bow, and leave the belts in the ring, likely relinquishing the titles just as they said they would when the show started.

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