Some WWE Stars Worried About Getting Released?

With the uncertainly surrounding future events, no doubt reports that WWE stars might be concerned about being released are out there. Florida issued another “stay-at-home” mandate that could make it hard for WWE to produce more shows out of the WWE Performance Center after April 10 and as all live events in April will cancelled, WWE is taking a huge financial hit.

But, would they go as far as to release WWE talents during what is going to be some trying times?

Reports are that people in the company have talked about how the company is unlikely to hit revenue projections this year and there will be pressure to cut back on costs. At the same time, Vince McMahon has been offering some big contracts to keep wrestlers in WWE, even if they have no intention on using them. Some lower card wrestlers are under the impression they may see their walking papers over the next few weeks and said talents are starting to realize they can’t count on AEW as a backup plan because there is only so much room to add and AEW is facing many of the same financial issues.

The assumption seems to be that most of the main guys and mid-card performers don’t have much to worry about. But, if you’re one of those guys or gals who is only on WWE Main Event or not on television at all, then you might have something to be concerned about.

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