Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast – Episode 28: Austin, Morgan, Fox, More

On this week’s episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling podcast, Episode #28, the focus is on comments from the Rattlesnake himself, Steve Austin returning to the ring, Liv Morgan rumors, and changes to Raw and SmackDown, plus AEW tidbits.

Hosting the show solo, Jim chats for 30 minutes asking questions, playing clips and more.

Starting with the comments by Stone Cold Steve Austin on a possible return to WWE and wrestling in a match and just how safe or unsafe that might be to rumors of Liv Morgan teaming up with Bray Wyatt, there’s no shortage of news to cover.

Show Notes:

Keeping the coverage of this past week’s Raw and SmackDown to a minimum, we instead cover a bit of to expect on Raw and SmackDown moving forward.

I give my take on the announce crew changes, roster possibilities and some winners and losers for the week.

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