Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast – Ep: 7 – Jon Moxley Video

On this week’s episode of The Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, (Episode 7) that talk is almost all about the viral video bomb Jon Moxley dropped on the wrestling community. It was not only outstanding and had everyone from Cody Rhodes to Seth Rollins talking about it, but there is so much to dissect, fans can’t help but wonder what’s next?

Second, we look at Bray Wyatt’s second episode of the Firefly Fun House. Was it as good the first? Better? What was the hidden meaning behind all of the messages in this video and where will it all lead?

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Show Notes:

Brandon and Jim open the show and talk about the elephant in the room, Jon Moxley. What does the video mean? Is he AEW bound, is this WWE repackaging him? Is this is a solo project he spent a lot of time and potentially good money on?

Whatever the deal, it was a home run because the video has been retweeted nearly 20K times and watched almost 2 million times.

We move on to discuss the second episode of the Firefly Fun House and talk details of this video including the word of the day, the new puppet, the burning building and how long WWE can keep up these video before a slight change of direction is required.

Finally, we chat Raw, SmackDown, Money in the Bank and everything form Becky Lynch’s popularity to The Revival and Usos feud that revolves around back-shaving segments. We tackle Goldberg coming to the Saudi Arabia show and Kurt Angle’s new WWE contract.

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