Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast – Ep. 18 – … Poor Dolph Ziggler

On the 18th episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling podcast, we chat the now-complete Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the following Raw and SmackDown Live, the Raw Reunion and debut of The Fiend.

In a good week of wrestling action, still, we can’t help but ask, ‘What about Dolph Ziggler?’

Show Notes:

Brandon and Jim had an entire show planned but when the power went out, everything changed and the two hosts had to go a bit old school. Fitting when you consider Raw this coming Monday will feature a number of old school talents for the Raw reunion show. The end result of this week’s podcast was an unscripted (taking our cue from Kevin Owens) chat about Extreme Rules, Raw, SmackDown Live, and the upcoming Raw Reunion show.

Brandon makes a pitch that Dolph Ziggler should be treated much better than he’s being treated and we talk about the highs and lows of a strong week of WWE action.

The highlight of the week was the debut of Bray Wyatt’s demonic side, the low being that it looks like Finn Balor is going to be jobbed out the door on way to a much-deserved vacation.

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