Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast Ep. 13: Goldberg vs Undertaker Disaster

On this week’s Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, we discuss the Undertaker vs Goldberg and while the match has received a widespread critical crushing, many in the wrestling community are defending the two wrestlers. Are we, as fans who watched that trainwreck being too critical?

We take a closer look at the setup, the match, the result and what’s happening now.

Show Notes

On this week’s show, we talk the match, we talk response, we talk wrestlers feedback and call to be kind to both stars who did what they could. Who is to blame for this match?

We also get into AEW’s Fyter Fest PPV being offered for free, we talk Bray Wyatt’s new vignette, we get into Raw, SmackDown Live, title changes and more, including Sasha Banks doing work with WWE on the WWE2K20 game.

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