Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast Ep. 12: Moxley, WWE Super ShowDown, More

On Episode 12 of the Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, just before we recorded the show, we received news that Jon Moxley have traveled to New Japan where he faced Juice Robinson and won the IWGP United States Championship. And, with that, Moxley is officially the hottest free agent to ever leave WWE and make an impact as quickly as he has since Scott Hall.

Jon Moxley has made an impact since leaving WWE. There’s no denying that now. This IWGP win is just another notch on his belt that he made the right decision for his career when he rode out his contract and headed for what he believed was greener pastures. So far, that has proved to be true.

On this week’s episode, we also cover NXT Takeover: XXV, Raw and SmackDown Live and take a closer look at Super ShowDown this Friday. Is Goldberg vs. Undertaker going to be worth watching? Will it be a mess of a match? Will it close the show?

We chat Tyler Breeze and his full-time future in NXT, we talk the 24/7 Title and close talking about the newest Firefly Fun House video, including the new characters and hidden messages.

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