Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast – Ep. 11 – Moxley Interview, Double or Nothing Review

In this week’s episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, AEW’s first-ever PPV is in the books and Jon Moxley spills the beans about his WWE exit while AEW star Chris Jericho.

What made Ambrose jump ship? When did he know? How is life different now that he’s out of the WWE prison? Who helped him make that viral video that showed up on his Twitter feed?

Jon Moxley debuted with AEW this past Saturday and it was a smashing success for both he and the company. But, a few days prior to his debut, he sat down with Chris Jericho for a tell-all interview on Talk Is Jericho where he speaks openly about the final months of his stay in WWE. Mox didn’t hold back when describing the creative process in WWE, what he thinks of Vince McMahon and the exact day he knew he was never going to stay with WWE. Even if there was no AEW, he was out, willing to train his own guys and start his own company. WWE had created a situation where Moxley hated a business he’d always loved.

While entertaining, this interview doesn’t shed a positive light on WWE.

The two co-workers chat for over an hour about how frustrated Moxley was with creative ideas, how often he had to fight to change things (often with no success) and the “WWE Machine” he believes is killing the company. He sent out a challenge to McMahon to improve the process.

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