Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast – Ep. 10 – Chris van Vliet Interview

On the 10th episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, we interview YouTube wrestling host Chris van Vliet, chat Raw, SmackDown, the new 24/7 WWE Title, Money in the Bank, WWE and AEW TV deals and more.

Episode 10 of the show will cover everything from Sunday’s Money in the Bank and how everything went down, including people losing their mind over the inclusion of Brock Lesnar who came back to win the briefcase. We take a look at Raw and SmackDown and how they are still dealing with the Wild Card Rule, focus some attention on the new 24/7 Championship WWE unveiled through Mick Foley and we talk about the upcoming Double or Nothing PPV for AEW. Finally, we end the show with an awesome interview with tv host and all-around nice guys Chris van Vliet of YouTube and the channel that goes by his own name.

Some of the great content Chris laid out with us is an interesting conversation he had with Rhyno and why he’s leaving WWE, how his YouTube channel just sort of took off, what he thinks of the brand split and what John Cena told him about making terrible writing work.

We asked Chris if there was anywhere we couldn’t go, including talking about other tv hosts like Sam Roberts and Chris wasn’t shy about giving us an honest opinion about anything and everything.

This is definitely an interview you’ll want to hear and you can tell he’s got a love for the wrestling industry.

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