Shayna Baszler calls out Becky Lynch
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Shayna Baszler Takes Shot At Lynch, Calls Her Actions “Garbage”

Likely in an effort to build heat for herself as a heel character, Shayna Baszler called out former WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and called her actions “garbage.”

Baszler was a guest on WWE’s The Bump and when asked about Lynch and her pregnancy, the former MMA fighter didn’t hold back or show remorse for the insensitive comments she made on Raw following Lynch’s announcement. 

“No, I think it’s garbage,” Baszler said. Claiming Lynch was supposed to think about her duties as the champion of a growing division, she added:

“What are we teaching? Responsibility? She had responsibilities to uphold as ‘the champion’ of the division. Like, take care of your responsibilities first. Don’t leave the division in an uproar and then hand your title away to whoever you feel [deserves it].

Baszler went on to say that she doesn’t understand why everyone is so happy for Lynch:

“It’s ridiculous. Everyone is like, ‘Oh, that’s so wonderful. Blah, blah, blah.’ But, if that was your daughter, you would smack her upside the head and be like, ‘You need to be smarter.’ It’s like a double standard.”

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