Shane “Hurricane” Helms Gives Back His All-In Pay Day

Some in the wrestling industry are so stoked about what is happening with independent wrestling and now AEW, they are willing to work for free. Such is the case with Shane Helms.

Helms now works with WWE as a backstage producer but before he accepted his new job, he worked with Cody Rhodes at All-In and with Conrad Thompson on the first Starrcast. He was so pumped to be a part of what these guys were trying to do for the wrestling industry, he said he’d help in any way he could.

During an interview with Fightful, Helms revealed that he gave his ALL IN payday right back to Cody Rhodes. He called being involved a gift because he realized how special The Elite’s pro wrestling mission is.

Helms said:

“I said ‘I’m not looking for a payday, I like what you all are doing, I’ll contribute in any way I can.’ Cody was worried about insulting me by offering me something he thought was beneath me.”

Helms added, “I was like ‘Bro. No. Whatever you need, I’ll do.’” Cody paid him anyways and Helms sent it right back.

He didn’t feel right about taking money for something that was going to do so much for the wrestling industry and shine such a positive light on it.

Helms Is Right

While he might be one of the only people to do so, Helms has a point in that whatever money he might have given up at the time, he and other wrestlers will probably make back in spades once AEW and things like Starrcast stay successful. Both are just other outlets for wrestlers to find work and grow the business so everyone wins.

Now under contract with WWE, there’s no way Helms will be part of this year’s festivities but he helped, even if in some small way, make the event what it is today.

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